So.. what now?

You are on the road to winning the Golden Fork and some ultimate bragging rights. 

Good for you, we're forkin' proud of ya! 

From here, our awesome team will work through your nomination and make sure we've got everything we need to help you step up to the plate and win big.

Once we've given your nomination(s) the green light, this means your nomination is live and ready to go. 

Now, the real fun really begins. It's time to start rallying for votes. 

When voting opens on Friday, 14th June, you can help spread the word about your nomination(s), and encouraging your fans to vote for you online. It's free, easy and voters also go in the draw to win an awesome prize. 

How do you do this? 

Don't worry fam - we got you! 

To help spread the word about your nomination, we will send you out a digital promotional kit that can be used on your social media platforms and digital assets to let the world know you need their votes. 

We will also provide you with some good old fashion printed collateral including posters to proudly display in your venue as well as some coasters to hand out to customers. 

Good luck and let the Forkies be with you!