What sort of business is eligible to register?

The Forkies defines an eligible business as an establishment located within the Moreton Bay Region currently operating, that serves food and/or drinks, both takeaway and eat-in.

To be eligible to nominate, you must be a registered business (with an ABN) and hold all appropriate liquor and food licenses.

Who can register?

Business owners or an authorised representative of the business can register a nomination. 

Can I nominate a business that I don't own / work at? 

Not exactly! You can't officially nominate them, BUT you can dob them in. Let us know which venue you think should nominate, and we'll contact them on your behalf and let them know they've got a fan.

How can I nominate my business? 

You can nominate your business online between the registration period 17 May and 10 June. Nominate by deciding which category or categories you would like to enter and completing the nomination form for each.

When completing your nomination, please ensure that you have used quality photos. The Forkies have the right to decline your nomination if the photos you have provided do not clearly and effectively represent your nomination. We want you to put your best plate (and cup) forward. 

Is there a cost to nominate?

Our love don’t cost a thing. There is no cost to be involved with The Forkies.

All that we ask is that you help spread the word through your networks and encourage your fans to vote for you. 

I’ve run out of promo material, what do I do?

Contact us and we’ll get more stock to you ASAP!

How can I help promote that our business is nominated?

This is where the real fun begins. 

Once your nomination has been given the green light, you will be provided with a Forkies Promotional Kit before the voting period begins.

This kit will include printed collateral to display in your venue as well as digital artwork to promote via your social media networks. 

How do my customers vote for us?

Customers can vote online ( and complete the online voting form during the voting period (14 June - 22 July).

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