Are you a local hospitality business that has something to brag about?

Put your food & drink where your mouth is and step up to the plate to win big!

We’re looking to raise a toast to the movers and pan-shakers that have something to brag about. So if you offer a unique, fresh, inventive and/or memorable food and drink experience in Moreton Bay Region – we want to hear from you.

So who can enter?

Any business that is currently operating within the Moreton Bay Region boundary and are serving up drool-worthy dishes and drinks.

Nominate your business today in up to 11 categories, for your chance to win more than $20,000 worth of cash and prizes and the title of the Real MVP - the best in the biz.

We’ll even throw in some good old-fashion bragging rights and a Golden Fork trophy as well!

Nominations close 13th June at 5pm.

Check out the categories below and enter as many as you like.


Go-To Caffeine Fix

Are you renowned for brewing the best coffee in Moreton Bay Region?

This category raises a glass (well, coffee cup) to the brewers helping their customers get through the day, one coffee at a time.

If coffee is a major part of your business (either takeaway and/or dine-in) and you think you brew it better than the rest, then give it your best shot.

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Most Delish Smashed Avo

Do you serve the best smashed avo in Moreton Bay Region?

This category raises a glass to the venues that are serving up everyone's favourite brunch menu item, the delicious smashed avocado on toast.

Nowhere in the world does smashed avo quite like we do here in Oz (and arguably Moreton Bay Region). In fact, we think smashed avo should become our national Aussie cuisine (who’s with us?).

So, if you have millennials eating away at their home deposit (literally), one smashed avo at a time, then we want to hear about it.

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Best Customer Service

Do you have the best staff in the biz who ooze exceptional service?

This category raises a glass to the staff that make their customers feel more like family.

Defining what makes for excellence customer service is no easy feat. But when a customer sees it, and feels it, they just know!

So, if it’s your awesome staff that make visiting your venue a joy, and they are renowned for making customers feel welcome and not just like another number – then we’d say you have some pretty fantastic people on your team.

Give them a shout out and nominate today.

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Best Venue to Get Dressed Up and a Little Bit Fancy

Is your venue a bit fancy and a whole lot amazing?

This category raises a glass to the venues that we head to when there’s a special occasion or we simply want to spoil ourselves (or others).

Your venue might be the go-to for special occasions like an anniversary, milestone birthday or simply an excuse for the girls to bust out the new dress sitting in her wardrobe.

Whatever makes your venue extra special - it could be the view, your exquisite wine menu or exceptional food (that tastes even better than it looks), then we want to hear from you.

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Go-To Hangover Meal

Do you serve up the best hangover feed in Moreton Bay Region?

This category raises a glass to our unsung heroes – the venues saving the world one hangover at a time.

Not all heroes wear capes. Some just serve up the perfect hangover cure.

So, whether you offer up a life-saving big brekkie to rival all others, a juicy burger or greasy fish and chips to those wear sunnies in the day and probably last night’s clothes, this category is for you.

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Best Tinder Date Venue

Are you the perfect venue for the dreaded first Tinder date in Moreton Bay Region?

This category raises a glass to the venues helping singles all over the region score a second date.

Finding the perfect venue for that all important first date can be tricky. But do you think your venue has what it takes to be the region’s go-to first date hot spot?

Your venue could be somewhere fun (getting first-daters up and about having some fun), relaxed (first date over coffee or ice cream anyone?) or somewhere a little bit romantic (the old faithful dinner date is a classic for a reason).

Let us know if you think you’re a “match” for singles all over the region.

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Best Use of Local Produce

Do you serve up the best of the region’s amazing local produce on a plate or in a cup?

This category raises a glass to the venues committed to supporting our locals grow and/or catch the best produce around.

Whether it’s from the trawlers or the farms, there’s one thing for sure, local is the best way to guarantee fresh (and delicious) ingredients and dishes, and to support our locals.

If you are a venue that works closely with our local producers (from within the Moreton Bay Region), whether that be something grown on a farm, or caught in Moreton Bay, then we want to share your collaboration story.

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Favourite Drinking Hole

Do you serve up a cold beer, or delicious cocktail (and everything in between) better than the rest?

This category raises a glass to the venues that are a go-to when there’s an excuse to enjoy a cold drink (or two).

If you're a drinking hole that boasts a stella selection of alcohol, paired with a relaxed atmosphere and knowledgeable bar staff, then you’ve got a recipe for a great drinking hole.

Whether you’re a bar, pub, tavern, brewery or any other form of drinking hole, if you think there is no better place for our locals to drink away their daily cares that at your venue, then we want to hear from you.

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Favourite Sweet-Treat on Cheat Day

Do you serve up a dish that is worth every calorie?

This category raises a glass to the sweet-treat that makes every sweet-tooth say “Treat yo’self”.

For this category, you must nominate the tastiest sweet-treat on your menu. It can be served on a plate, in a bowl or in a cup.

So, if you’ve got a sweet-treat that looks almost as good as it tastes, we want to see it.

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Serving Up the Best Seafood Dishes

Do you serve up the best seafood in the Moreton Bay Region?

This category raises a glass to the cuisine Moreton Bay is best known for – its delicious seafood.

Whether your seafood is served battered enjoyed on the beach, or served fresh in a restaurant, as long as it's delicious we want to hear from you.

Don’t be shellfish, nominate today.

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Go-To Venue to Nourish Your Body & Soul

Does your menu offer options that are jam-packed full of nutritious and delicious choices?

This category raises a glass to the venues that are committed to serving up menu items that have had a healthy makeover, without skimping on flavor.

Your venue might be dedicated to helping people eat better, supporting those trying to get (or stay in shape) or specialise in catering for people with dietary preferences or allergies (such as vegetarian, vegan, gluten-free and raw foods).

So, if you are a venue that aims to serve food and drinks that are nourishing for not only the body, but also the soul, then this category is for you.

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